A sustainable event is one, which is designed, organized and implemented in such a way that it minimizes the negative impact on the environment and maximizes the positive impact on the economy, host population, visitors, employees and any other stakeholders.

It therefore includes all measures that are taken to achieve
social objectives
cultural objectives 
environmental objectives
economic objectives

At SOSU EVENTS we commit to doing everything in our power to achieve this.


Volunteer & Employer Management

We coordinate the Volunteers with the different teams and departments and make sure that they are having a faboulous time as well as being valuable for you and your event! 

VIP & Hospitality

Does not matter which area, if its public, VIP, Backstage or Media - we make sure that everything runs smoothly and especially with the highest effiecieny.

Logistics & Infrastructure

Need someone to help you with the Logistics and Infrastructure? 

Visuelles Projekt
Other enquieries

We do love every aspect of an event. 




If you would like to organize you event as sustainable as possible but are not sure where to start. 


Does not matter if it's a wedding, a birthday party or a bridal shower. We can find the best and most sustainable solutions for you.


You would love to transform your events into a more sustainable and concsious environment but are not sure where to start. 
Progress over Perfection. 
Let's do this!


Corporate Events

Wir organisieren Ihre Konferenzen, internen Veranstaltungen, Messestände oder auch Firmenreisen. 

Private Events

Egal ob es sich um eine Hochzeit, eine Taufe, eine Familien- oder Geburtstagsfeier handelt - wir finden für alle das passende Paket. 

Our own Events

Natürlich veranstalten wir auch selbst tolle Events. Hier findet ihre weitere Informationen wenn ihr diese gerne besuchen möchtet.